About Kavall

What is Kavall?

Kavall is your new local grocery store that delivers groceries to your door within 10 minutes. We do this with the help of our fantastic Riders who use electric bikes to deliver food to you from our so-called “dark stores”.

How does Kavall work?

Kavall is super easy to use! Download the app on App Store or Google Play, choose your groceries from thousands of products and in just a few minutes it will be delivered to your door.

Order & Delivery

Where does Kavall deliver?

Right now we deliver in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg in Sweden. Helsinki and Tampere in Finland and Oslo in Norway. In our app you can see our exact delivery areas.

Can I register on a waiting list?

Sure thing! Here you can find our Waiting List.

What is the delivery cost?

19 SEK

1.9 EUR

49 NOK

How fast do you deliver?

We deliver in 10 minutes within Zone A and 15 minutes within Zone B. You can always see the estimated delivery time in the app. We can deliver this quickly thanks to our strategically located stores – we are simply very close to you! After our pickers have gathered your products, our awesome Riders jump on an e-bike and deliver to your door. Quick and easy!

Is there a minimum order value?

Nope! You can order as little or as much as you want at Kavall. We have customers who order just a few items or their entire weekly grocery list with hundreds of products.

What are your opening hours?

We deliver every day between 07-23.

There is an issue with my order, what do I do?

Oh no! We’ll fix that! Reply to your order confirmation or write directly to info@kavall.co and our customer service is ready to help you between 07-23.


I want to work at Kavall, how do I apply?

We love to hear it! We are always looking for more talent. Go to careers.kavall.co to see vacancies and to apply, and we’ll get back to you!


I am missing a specific product in your assortment. Can you add it?

We are regularly adding new products to our range, please let us know what you are missing. Contact iwant@kavall.co and we will be happy to listen!

I am a supplier and would like to see my products in your range

Exciting! Send an email to iwant@kavall.co and let’s discuss it further.


How can I get you to start delivering in my area?

We would love to hear from you! Use our Waiting List so that we can note down your interest.

I own premises that could be interesting for Kavall

Look at that! We are constantly looking for new premises. Get in touch with info@kavall.co and we will take it further with our team.


I can not find the answer to my question here :/

Let’s solve that! Send an email to info@kavall.co, and will help you out.